Seven Landmarks In Bristol


The city of Bristol has a history of boost off that is an amalgamation of both historic architecture and new age architecture. The past relics are a treat to watch. There are exciting venues to visit but just a few are listed out to make your trip memorable. Circomedia is placed at the St Paul’s Church and houses the oldest circus schools in Britain.

The lighting on the columns, sound, decorations on the altar and projection facilities can be breathtaking. The experience with jugglers, aerialists, walkabout comedy and acrobats is worth it. The tobacco factory is located on the Raleigh Road and is one of the few left out of the Great Imperial Tobacco Site. It was George Ferguson who protected the building from being demolished. It is also a theatre venue.

At-Bristol is one of the best science centres that located at the landmark of Millennium Square. The place holds a science centre, IMAX theatre, Aquarium and chrome plated dome. This place has earned the reputation of housing the first 3D Planetarium. The roof terrace with its natural ventilation is suitable for art conferences and international exhibitions.

The Station is an Old Fire Station that is reopened in 2012. The place buzzes with youth activities that have a dance studio, recording studio, conference room and classrooms. Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is housed at the Edwardian Baroque Building and is open since 1901. The vaulted glass ceiling and galleries are meant for private viewing.

SS Great Britain is an award winning tourist destination that was launched in 1843. It has the reputation of being the world’s first luxury liner. The place is ideal for conference facilities, especially the dry dock hull. Guests that attend the conference are giving an opportunity to explore the ship. M Shed from the 1950s was an industrial museum earlier. It was opened in the year 2011. Visit these remarkable landmarks and take home rich memories.

Prominent Events That Are Trending In Europe


Find out which event trends are popular in Europe. When you are in London, do not forget the Conscious Clubbing. Check out their pre-work parties. The Morning Gloryville can give you clubbing experience a new lease of life. Bicycle maintenance could be the right place to be in this bicycle season. Learn special maintenance tips to keep your bicycle in great condition.

Food and drink from Macarons of Mayfair to Matcha tea walk is popular also try some geo-oriented food tours like the East London food tour. Alcohol free wine and cheese tasting is an event that is suitable for those who prefer alcohol free wine and beer. There is also cheese tasting that can add a special twist to the event. Wine and Cheese can turn out to be the most exotic combination that can leave a flavour in your mouth that you will relish for long.

If you are in Dublin, make sure you attend the free series of entrepreneurship inspirational talks. The Boutiques talks are held in confined places that make it unique and special. Are you a BBQ buff, and there is no need to burn the oil in your backyard? Get high quality BBQ and some great beer on the street. This is a Big Grill Shine contest gives you a unique experience of BBQs.

Manchester Supper Clubs is an event where popular chefs and street food sellers organise supper clubs at home or restaurants. The recently renovated Central Library and the Whitworth Art Gallery have promoted arts and cultural episodes, particularly the multi-sensory and immersive types. Conscious Cooking and Dining – Schlachtfest is a culinary event where homage is paid to a particular type of animal that is breed locally and skilled chefs in Berlin are invited to create exotic dishes with it.

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