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A Guide To Trampoline Events In The UK

A Guide To Trampoline Events In The UKThere are countless ways to stay in shape, lose weight, and have fun all at the same time. The trick is finding the forms of exercise that you can take seriously, put time aside for, and have a great time enjoying. For some, that includes trampolines. Let’s take a moment to explain why trampolines can be so beneficial as well as list trampoline events in the UK. Let’s begin!

Why Trampoline?

Simply put, trampolines provide an incredible workout. The workout becomes even better when you pair it with music, forming a full, fast paced workout that can last upwards of an hour. Utilizing trampolines for exercise is one of the many ways that people have found to enjoy the benefits of a trampoline. In addition to exercise, many people use trampolines for fun, trying different trampolines all over the country. Trampoline championships also occur, where people compete against one another to be the best in the country. Below is a list of trampoline events in the UK.

1. Bounce Below In Whales

A trampoline event that is open on most days of the year, Bounce Below is an adventure park that combines zip lines with a massive underground trampoline. In fact, it is the largest underground trampoline ever constructed. Built into a massive, abandoned slate mine in Whales, Bounce Below is an experience like none other. With the image of a small or large trampoline resting in someone’s backyard fresh in your mind, consider for a moment a trampoline where the springs are attached to the walls of the cave and dozens of people are bouncing over what looks like a bottomless pit. Terrifying, amazing, and everything in between, Bounce Below is one of the most unique events related to trampolines held in the UK.

2. British Gymnastics Events

British Gymnastics holds a series of events, including the trampoline across the country. Bringing together some of the most talented individuals in the country, British Gymnastics events are incredibly fun to watch as the best in the country battle it out to be the very best. Watching things that only a handful of individuals in the world can do. With years of experience and training behind them, you will be amazed at just how much acrobatics can occur after only a single bounce.

3. Local Gyms Or Exercise Centers

While the least glamorous of UK trampoline events, it is not uncommon for some exercise centers or gyms to rent out smaller portable trampolines for exercise and workout classes. If you have little experience with a trampoline and want to possibly use them to stay fit and healthy, then consider these events. Typically lasting for weeks or months, you will be able to attend a class where you learn the basics and figure out routines that you can practice at home with your own trampoline.

4. Jump Nation

With two locations in Birmingham and Manchester, Jump Nation combines athletics with play, providing incredible opportunities for the entire family to enjoy trampolines. Located within large spaces, you can purchase seasonal vouchers for your family, saving a great deal of money. You can also attend the numerous events that are held at Jump Nation, where special guests and stars perform amazing acrobatic feats through the air. An excellent place to learn and experience first hand, Jump Nation is the best place to go if you are serious about trampolines.

While the above list is relatively short, new events are springing up all the time. Growing in popularity, trampolines are quickly becoming fashionable. That being said, they are still an excellent way to stay healthy and have fun.

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