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Should the UK police allow people to ride self-balancing scooters in public?

The United Kingdom police force has been anything but friendly towards those that would love nothing more than to ride self-balancing scooters in public.

uk-policeIn a number of different municipalities, these self balancing scooters have been outlawed completely, while in most others the use has been considerably restricted to only a handful of public places. People are still encouraged to own and operate self balancing scooters on their own private property, but a big part of the utility that this amazing technology has to offer only comes into play when you see it out in action amongst the population. So if your child wants to buy one of these new toys, be sure to read reviews to find the best self balancing scooter at sites like

Here are just a couple of reasons why the UK police should reconsider allowing people to ride self balancing scooters in public!

Self-balancing scooters speed up an urban commute

There can be no denying the fact that self balancing scooters (even the slowest of the bunch) considerably speed up urban commutes – sometimes by as much as two or three times.

In a world that is getting faster and faster paced on a daily basis, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that people can get to and from work ASAP – especially those in urban areas that are going to be forced to walk.

With self balancing scooters under their feet, they are going to be able to glide to work two or three times faster than they would have been able to otherwise, dramatically cutting down on their commute.

Self-balancing scooters cut down on auto traffic significantly

The more people that shift to self balancing scooters, the more that are going to abandon taking their automobile out on their daily commute – and that’s good news for everyone!

Self balancing scooters are miniature propelled vehicles, so those that would otherwise ignore the chance to walk to their commute are going to have the opportunity to do so with the help of a scooter, and that means that the car is going to stay in the garage.

Less traffic on the roads, less pollution being pumped into the atmosphere, and less opportunity for accidents are all big advantages that encouraging more self balancing scooters out in public would bring to the table.

At the end of the day, it’s going to take a cultural shift for the people in charge of the UK police to realize the many advantages that these kinds of scooters have to offer. Hopefully we’ll start to see that change in the coming years, and that people will be to take advantage of all this technology provides.

A guide to electronic music festivals in the UK

music festival ukElectronic music is arguably the most popular genre in the UK right now, the charts are full of it and the festivals are too. It’s easy to see why with the top DJs pumping out the tunes with their sophisticated DJ gear and speakers. Keep reading for your guide to electronic music festivals in the UK.


Creamfields is probably the biggest electronic festival in the UK right now. Year after year it pulls the biggest acts in the business and manages to get festival goers to part with over £200 for a weekend ticket. But don’t be put off by the price, because the experience is definitely worth it. Because of the wide appeal of this festival, it can definitely be considered to running directly in the middle of the mainstream, so if you like something a little more alternative then this probably isn’t for you. It’s located in Daresbury in Cheshire and is held annually on the August bank holiday weekend. The views are beautiful, the atmosphere is electric and the music is loud, you couldn’t ask for much more really.


SW4 is a brand new addition to the annual festival calendar yet it has already managed to garner a huge following of electronic music lovers. Set slap bang in the middle of the hipster scene in Clapham Common it’s the only place to be for the young dance music lovers. The festival runs for two days and incorporates sets from some of the most recognisable and respected electronic acts in the music industry. 2015 saw the stage being graced by Faithless, Skrillex and Fat Boy Slim.


Brownstock is the festival of choice for those more mellow electronic music fans. It has previously been shortlisted for the UK’s Best Small Festival award. It’s located on Morris Farm in Essex, and despite its tiny size it has still managed to attract some huge electronic acts such as Basement Jaxx and Sub Focus. It’s the perfect combination of small festival atmosphere and big festival music.


In summer 2015 We Are FSTVL managed to bag the lights of huge EDM acts such as Steve Angello, Knife party and Gorgon City. It’s located in Upminster and actually received the award for the best medium festival in the UK. It’s perfect for those people that want to experience the thrills of a festival atmosphere but aren’t so keen on getting mudding in the campsite. It’s only going to get bigger and better in the coming years so it’s definitely worth checking out.