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A Guide to Quadcopter and Drone Events in the U.K.

drones-eventsFor good or for worse, we have entered the age of the personal drone. There are now thousands of drone and quadcopter enthusiasts buying kit, making mods, and heading out to fly these fascinating robotic creatures in UK skies. It is something which a lot of people continue to feel very anxious about, but this apprehension comes from a lack of knowledge. Seeing some of the best quadcopters and drones flying in the sky is a thing of beauty, just read some of the reviews to understand them.

If you get your information about drones from the Sunday papers, you could be forgiven for disagreeing with their use, because the media is still catching up with the technology. There are some very stringent regulations governing the way in quadcopters and other personal drones can be flown these days, but this is rarely discussed – as if the fact that there is a thriving and vibrant drone and quadcopter scene in the UK right now.

It is an open and welcoming community, made up of people who love aerial photography, people who are interested in the future use of personal drones, people who adore flying miniature models and helicopters, and people who just think the technology is really cool. You would be surprised at how lively the UK drone and quadcopter scene has become over the last few years and how many amazing events are held across the country.

This handy guide to some of the best upcoming drone and quadcopter events in the UK should give you some idea of where to start, if you are new to the scene – and where your next big date falls, if you are already a bit of an expert.

Bring Your Own Drone Networking Event – 18th September 2015

This friendly and informal networking event is designed to build on the work of the Project Daedalus Toolkit (an online platform which merges drone technology and art). It will gather together scholars, artists, tech specialists, and enthusiasts, in order to bring together hobbyists with the people who design and develop this tiny machines. There will be a number of guest speakers, an opportunity for networking, and a chance to take your drone to the skies in the wonderful Grizedale Forest.

Location: Grizedale, Cumbria

Drone Hack 2.0 – 19th September 2015

Now, a drone event for the real tech obsessives. On 19th of September, the University of Central Lancashire Civic Drone Centre is holding its second hackathon. It is inviting keen flying and engineering enthusiasts to create a UAV which could be utilized in a disaster zone. They will be provided with all of the materials needed to do this – including state of the art 3D printers – as well as the help and expertise of an in house team of coders and UVA pilots. At the end of the day, all of the UAVs created will square off in competition for the Golden Drone prize.

Location: University of Central Lancashire, Preston

Hot Topic Seminar: Drones and Modern Warfare – 25th November 2015

This is a key event for anybody who is interested in the military use of drones. The seminar will feature guest appearances from speakers Dr. Peter Lee and Chris Woods. The latter is a widely published investigative journalist, known for his exploration of covert drone strikes and their consequences. The two speakers will, together, address some of the moral and political issues provoked by UK drone operations over the last five years. This is a serious and sensitive event, but one which promises that you will leave feeling a little more insightful.

Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire

Dronetech Mixer: Networking for UAV and Aerial Photography Fans – 26th November 2015

This dronetech mixer is a relaxed and informal meeting of UAV/drone specialists and tech experts, end users, and aerial photography enthusiasts. It is also a good opportunity for business owners to learn a little more about how drones could change the future of commerce and delivery. This is a very casual event, so there is no obligation to take part in anything specific – just enjoy the food and drink and get chatting about the next big step for drones.

Location: Harbourside, Bristol

UK Drone Show 2015 – 5th December 2015

This will be the first ever major consumer drone event to take place in the UK, so if you are crazy about quadcopters, do not miss out on this one. It will be held at the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, and will showcase the latest in aerial and terrestrial done technologies. There will be flying and manufacturing demonstrations, as well as a number of talks on drone safety, drone regulations, and drone development. It is hoped that this will be the first of many, so get yourself down to the first event to experience a little bit of history in the making.

Location: Birmingham, West Midlands

Exciting Rowing Events Coming up in the UK

rowing-events-ukThere are various types of rowing events held in the UK in many locations. As rowing is an easily accessible sport, it’s popular with almost everyone. Smaller events are often held locally in most towns.

Generally, rowing events take place on the water. They are typically held at scenic venues which attract many spectators Rowing events also take place at social gatherings which include music and refreshments. Some of the more prestigious events such as Henly’s Royal Regatta and Cowes week are also opportunities for members of high society to dress up and enjoy a day at the water’s edge, showcasing their boats and socializing.

Many people are attracted to rowing as it is accessible to everyone regardless of age, weight, sex or disability. Many events contain different categories to accommodate different competitors. Entry requirements can vary according to each event and more information can often be found on each organization’s website. Different types of events include:

Indoor Rowing Events

Large Indoor Rowing competitions are divided into groups relating to age, weight and sex. They are normally open to all ages starting from early teens up to the elderly. Indoor rowing is an ideal way to compensate for the bad winter weather and enables the sport to continue all year round.

The British Indoor Rowing Championships is one of the biggest events held throughout the year, regularly attracting over 3000 competitors. The University Indoor Rowing Series has also become a popular national tournament for students to enter. The event occurs December 12, 2015 at the Walton SBH British Rowing Indoor Championships in Lee Valley Velopark. If you want to practice then it’s recommended to purchase your own rowing machine, read reviews first to find the best one.

Championship Events

Every year the British Rowing Championships consider this a major event for rowing clubs and schools. There are events held for open, women, open junior, women’s junior, under 23, lightweight, adaptive and coastal boats. Other rowing championships are held on a more local level, and are sometimes run as qualifiers for the main championship event. Championship events include:

The Worchester Autumn North of England Sprint Championships in the Port of Bideford on September 5, 2015.

The South Coast Championships at Wimbleball Lake from September 12 to September 13 this year.

The British Rowing Senior Championships from October 17 to 18 this year.
The British Rowing Masters Championships from June 11 to June 12, 2016.


Regattas are held throughout the country and feature a different range of boat races, including rowing. Although they are amateur competitions they are normally well organized, popular events that bring a party atmosphere to the town in which they are held. Many local people will take the opportunity to showcase their boats and come out to enjoy the day. The Henly Royal Regatta is one of the largest and most popular regattas that are held throughout the year, although many seaside towns hold a regatta of their own most years. The regatta events include:

The GW Regatta on September 12, 2015 at Coate Water.
The Henly Royal Regatta on June 24, 2016.
Cowes Regatta on August 1, 2016.

The Darmouth Regatta on August 22, 2016
The BUCS Regatta at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottinghamshire on April 30 to May 2, 2016.

University Rowing

As the largest sport within BUCS there are plenty of rowing events held throughout the year which are hosted by various universities. The BUCS rowing event calendar begins in November and is launched by the Small Boats head in November. The British university team also compete internationally at the European Universities Championship. University rowing events include:

The Indoor Rowing Championship from October 31 to November 22, 2015.
The Small Boats Head on November 1 in Boston RC, Lincolnshire.

BUCS 4s and 8s Head from February 20 to February 21, 2016.

The Boat Race

The most famous rowing event during the year is the boat race held between Oxford and Cambridge University along the river Thames. The four and a half mile race goes from Putney to Mortlake and draws crowds from all over London. Many people also watch this event on television as it is a popular part of British culture. The race occurs on March 27, 2016.

As rowing is so varied and made up of different types of clubs, you’ll need to conduct research into your area to see what is available locally. Chances are, if you live near a river or the sea there is a club or association that members can join to either compete or attend events. Some cities have clubs for men, women, and children. In every event, participants have a variety of rowing boats to choose from. Rowing is among the most exciting sports the U.K. has to offer.

Popular Supper Clubs And Pop Ups To Tingle Your Taste Buds


With cross pollination of culture, people are looking out for new food and beverages and this is one of the reasons for Supper clubs and Pop ups rising in the cities. New recipes can be discovered in these events that normal restaurants and hangouts may not be able to provide. Some of the best supper clubs and pop ups are listed that can keep your taste buds busy for the coming weeks. Chocolate Supper Club is for chocolate buffs. York Cocoa House is a supper club that offers chocolate meals. There are loads of chocolate starters to tingle your taste buds. You can try the chocolate stout beef pie from the main course. The dessert section is filled with chocolate delights. There is chocolate wine to accompany your food.  


Vegan Food and Beer Tasting is a Mexican delight from Club Mexicana. The food is complemented by brewery beer. Some of the must-try dishes include Carnitas, Drunken Black Beams and more. Riverford Secret Supper Club as the name goes the menu is absolutely secret here. Some of the secret items on the menu last month include grilled baby gem, roasted pardons, carrot fillers served with yoghurt and mint dressing, Caesar dressing, rhubarb cake served with lavender cream and more mouth-watering dishes.

Rebellious is a place where you can find on the menu dishes that are named after the greatest rebels in the history. A few to name includes, Marie Antoinette, a champagne cocktail of lemon thyme, Mahatma Gandhi starter, William Wallace for main, Martin Luther King for BBQ and many more. The event to watch out for food lovers is the Birmingham Independent Food Fair. You can find some exotic food and finest brews here and adding to the excitement is the live music. London Pizza festival is especially for pizza lovers with top pizza artisans fighting for a vote in the Pizza competition. If you love Chinese check out the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

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