Popular Supper Clubs And Pop Ups To Tingle Your Taste Buds


With cross pollination of culture, people are looking out for new food and beverages and this is one of the reasons for Supper clubs and Pop ups rising in the cities. New recipes can be discovered in these events that normal restaurants and hangouts may not be able to provide. Some of the best supper clubs and pop ups are listed that can keep your taste buds busy for the coming weeks. Chocolate Supper Club is for chocolate buffs. York Cocoa House is a supper club that offers chocolate meals. There are loads of chocolate starters to tingle your taste buds. You can try the chocolate stout beef pie from the main course. The dessert section is filled with chocolate delights. There is chocolate wine to accompany your food.  


Vegan Food and Beer Tasting is a Mexican delight from Club Mexicana. The food is complemented by brewery beer. Some of the must-try dishes include Carnitas, Drunken Black Beams and more. Riverford Secret Supper Club as the name goes the menu is absolutely secret here. Some of the secret items on the menu last month include grilled baby gem, roasted pardons, carrot fillers served with yoghurt and mint dressing, Caesar dressing, rhubarb cake served with lavender cream and more mouth-watering dishes.

Rebellious is a place where you can find on the menu dishes that are named after the greatest rebels in the history. A few to name includes, Marie Antoinette, a champagne cocktail of lemon thyme, Mahatma Gandhi starter, William Wallace for main, Martin Luther King for BBQ and many more. The event to watch out for food lovers is the Birmingham Independent Food Fair. You can find some exotic food and finest brews here and adding to the excitement is the live music. London Pizza festival is especially for pizza lovers with top pizza artisans fighting for a vote in the Pizza competition. If you love Chinese check out the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

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Alcoholic beverages are part of entertainment plans during the weekend or when you want to relax. There are many drinks events that happen around the UK and there is an endless choice that can soothe your nerves ranging from whisky, wines and a variety of cocktails. Try the wide collection of alcoholic beverages on the rooftop. Start the evening with Welcome Bulliet Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktail enjoying the view of London. Some of the varieties offered include Rittenhouse Rye, Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey and more. Wine lovers should not miss the World of Wine tasting day. The event is all about wine tasting and learning. It could be fun and entertaining. World of Wine notebook is also given to participants.


A wine tasting event allows you to enjoy fine wine. The programme allows you to taste organic wines of eight varieties. You can learn more about wine in a dramatic environment. Scotland is the land of some of the finest beverages. The Ooshka festival is all about the production of spirits in Scotland where tasting and workshops are conducted to educate participants on making of spirits.

Moreover, five samples can be collected from the exhibitors. There is a local cafe where food is available. Cheese and Cider project gives you an opportunity to taste award winning cider that is made from thrown away fruits. The cider is complemented with some tasty cheese that can leave you wanting more.  Ice Cream Banquet can teach you what goes best with ice cream. The Comfort Emporium creates six course banquets on ice cream and this is accompanied by wine, beer and cocktails.

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