Top 5 Summer Destinations outside of the UK

Summer is the time of the year when you can finally bring out your swimwear and show everyone the body you have worked hard for. There are places where summer is just better. This is due to the higher temperature and lovely sites. If you are planning to go on a summer trip outside of the UK, here are 5 of the best countries for you to visit.

1. Thailand

Go to Asia for some of the best summer destinations. Thailand is one of the best and most visited countries. In fact, it is a perfect destination not just during the summer, but all year round. The good thing about Thailand is that it has tons of islands with lovely beaches and endless parties. The people are also used to tourists any time of the year. Not only will you be amazed by what you see, you will also get the best reception possible.

2. The Bahamas

If you have seen the adorable swimming pigs, visit this country. It is filled with great beaches and amazing hotels. You will also see exciting wildlife. Most of all, you can try the best snorkeling in the Bahamas and see marine life at its finest. This is just breathtaking.

3. Indonesia

Aside from beaches, Indonesia also boasts of places for retreat. If you want to just stay away from the loud noise in the city, visit Indonesia and find peace. You can even visit provinces that are rich with unique traditions and culture. Of course, you can always visit the tourist spots if you want to see some historic and religious sites.

4. Romania

This country is quite underrated. It is also one of the least visited countries in Europe. However, it has a lot to offer. It also borders the Black Sea. Romania is a really interesting place especially in terms of architecture and design. You would fall in love in this country the moment you see what it has to offer.

5. Puerto Rico

This American territory might be very small, but it is a perfect summer destination. You can find beaches everywhere, but you can even find Boricuas who are just the craziest people to party with. They are among the best people in the world. They just love having fun. They also love entertaining people, and making them feel at home. You might have to travel really far to reach this island, but it is a trip worth your money and effort.

Although there are a lot of great places in the UK to visit during the summer, these destinations around the world offer better choices. You have to start checking out the flights to these countries and reserve your hotels. During the summer, they are packed.

Of course, you can always come back if you have fallen in love with these countries. On the next summer, they will welcome you again with arms wide open. If not, you can always take great photos and have the best memories you can bring with you for the rest of your life.

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A Guide To Trampoline Events In The UK

A Guide To Trampoline Events In The UKThere are countless ways to stay in shape, lose weight, and have fun all at the same time. The trick is finding the forms of exercise that you can take seriously, put time aside for, and have a great time enjoying. For some, that includes trampolines. Let’s take a moment to explain why trampolines can be so beneficial as well as list trampoline events in the UK. Let’s begin!

Why Trampoline?

Simply put, trampolines provide an incredible workout. The workout becomes even better when you pair it with music, forming a full, fast paced workout that can last upwards of an hour. Utilizing trampolines for exercise is one of the many ways that people have found to enjoy the benefits of a trampoline. In addition to exercise, many people use trampolines for fun, trying different trampolines all over the country. Trampoline championships also occur, where people compete against one another to be the best in the country. Below is a list of trampoline events in the UK.

1. Bounce Below In Whales

A trampoline event that is open on most days of the year, Bounce Below is an adventure park that combines zip lines with a massive underground trampoline. In fact, it is the largest underground trampoline ever constructed. Built into a massive, abandoned slate mine in Whales, Bounce Below is an experience like none other. With the image of a small or large trampoline resting in someone’s backyard fresh in your mind, consider for a moment a trampoline where the springs are attached to the walls of the cave and dozens of people are bouncing over what looks like a bottomless pit. Terrifying, amazing, and everything in between, Bounce Below is one of the most unique events related to trampolines held in the UK.

2. British Gymnastics Events

British Gymnastics holds a series of events, including the trampoline across the country. Bringing together some of the most talented individuals in the country, British Gymnastics events are incredibly fun to watch as the best in the country battle it out to be the very best. Watching things that only a handful of individuals in the world can do. With years of experience and training behind them, you will be amazed at just how much acrobatics can occur after only a single bounce.

3. Local Gyms Or Exercise Centers

While the least glamorous of UK trampoline events, it is not uncommon for some exercise centers or gyms to rent out smaller portable trampolines for exercise and workout classes. If you have little experience with a trampoline and want to possibly use them to stay fit and healthy, then consider these events. Typically lasting for weeks or months, you will be able to attend a class where you learn the basics and figure out routines that you can practice at home with your own trampoline.

4. Jump Nation

With two locations in Birmingham and Manchester, Jump Nation combines athletics with play, providing incredible opportunities for the entire family to enjoy trampolines. Located within large spaces, you can purchase seasonal vouchers for your family, saving a great deal of money. You can also attend the numerous events that are held at Jump Nation, where special guests and stars perform amazing acrobatic feats through the air. An excellent place to learn and experience first hand, Jump Nation is the best place to go if you are serious about trampolines.

While the above list is relatively short, new events are springing up all the time. Growing in popularity, trampolines are quickly becoming fashionable. That being said, they are still an excellent way to stay healthy and have fun.

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Should the UK police allow people to ride self-balancing scooters in public?

The United Kingdom police force has been anything but friendly towards those that would love nothing more than to ride self-balancing scooters in public.

uk-policeIn a number of different municipalities, these self balancing scooters have been outlawed completely, while in most others the use has been considerably restricted to only a handful of public places. People are still encouraged to own and operate self balancing scooters on their own private property, but a big part of the utility that this amazing technology has to offer only comes into play when you see it out in action amongst the population. So if your child wants to buy one of these new toys, be sure to read reviews to find the best self balancing scooter at sites like

Here are just a couple of reasons why the UK police should reconsider allowing people to ride self balancing scooters in public!

Self-balancing scooters speed up an urban commute

There can be no denying the fact that self balancing scooters (even the slowest of the bunch) considerably speed up urban commutes – sometimes by as much as two or three times.

In a world that is getting faster and faster paced on a daily basis, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that people can get to and from work ASAP – especially those in urban areas that are going to be forced to walk.

With self balancing scooters under their feet, they are going to be able to glide to work two or three times faster than they would have been able to otherwise, dramatically cutting down on their commute.

Self-balancing scooters cut down on auto traffic significantly

The more people that shift to self balancing scooters, the more that are going to abandon taking their automobile out on their daily commute – and that’s good news for everyone!

Self balancing scooters are miniature propelled vehicles, so those that would otherwise ignore the chance to walk to their commute are going to have the opportunity to do so with the help of a scooter, and that means that the car is going to stay in the garage.

Less traffic on the roads, less pollution being pumped into the atmosphere, and less opportunity for accidents are all big advantages that encouraging more self balancing scooters out in public would bring to the table.

At the end of the day, it’s going to take a cultural shift for the people in charge of the UK police to realize the many advantages that these kinds of scooters have to offer. Hopefully we’ll start to see that change in the coming years, and that people will be to take advantage of all this technology provides.

A guide to electronic music festivals in the UK

music festival ukElectronic music is arguably the most popular genre in the UK right now, the charts are full of it and the festivals are too. It’s easy to see why with the top DJs pumping out the tunes with their sophisticated DJ gear and speakers. Keep reading for your guide to electronic music festivals in the UK.


Creamfields is probably the biggest electronic festival in the UK right now. Year after year it pulls the biggest acts in the business and manages to get festival goers to part with over £200 for a weekend ticket. But don’t be put off by the price, because the experience is definitely worth it. Because of the wide appeal of this festival, it can definitely be considered to running directly in the middle of the mainstream, so if you like something a little more alternative then this probably isn’t for you. It’s located in Daresbury in Cheshire and is held annually on the August bank holiday weekend. The views are beautiful, the atmosphere is electric and the music is loud, you couldn’t ask for much more really.


SW4 is a brand new addition to the annual festival calendar yet it has already managed to garner a huge following of electronic music lovers. Set slap bang in the middle of the hipster scene in Clapham Common it’s the only place to be for the young dance music lovers. The festival runs for two days and incorporates sets from some of the most recognisable and respected electronic acts in the music industry. 2015 saw the stage being graced by Faithless, Skrillex and Fat Boy Slim.


Brownstock is the festival of choice for those more mellow electronic music fans. It has previously been shortlisted for the UK’s Best Small Festival award. It’s located on Morris Farm in Essex, and despite its tiny size it has still managed to attract some huge electronic acts such as Basement Jaxx and Sub Focus. It’s the perfect combination of small festival atmosphere and big festival music.


In summer 2015 We Are FSTVL managed to bag the lights of huge EDM acts such as Steve Angello, Knife party and Gorgon City. It’s located in Upminster and actually received the award for the best medium festival in the UK. It’s perfect for those people that want to experience the thrills of a festival atmosphere but aren’t so keen on getting mudding in the campsite. It’s only going to get bigger and better in the coming years so it’s definitely worth checking out.

A Guide to Quadcopter and Drone Events in the U.K.

drones-eventsFor good or for worse, we have entered the age of the personal drone. There are now thousands of drone and quadcopter enthusiasts buying kit, making mods, and heading out to fly these fascinating robotic creatures in UK skies. It is something which a lot of people continue to feel very anxious about, but this apprehension comes from a lack of knowledge. Seeing some of the best quadcopters and drones flying in the sky is a thing of beauty, just read some of the reviews to understand them.

If you get your information about drones from the Sunday papers, you could be forgiven for disagreeing with their use, because the media is still catching up with the technology. There are some very stringent regulations governing the way in quadcopters and other personal drones can be flown these days, but this is rarely discussed – as if the fact that there is a thriving and vibrant drone and quadcopter scene in the UK right now.

It is an open and welcoming community, made up of people who love aerial photography, people who are interested in the future use of personal drones, people who adore flying miniature models and helicopters, and people who just think the technology is really cool. You would be surprised at how lively the UK drone and quadcopter scene has become over the last few years and how many amazing events are held across the country.

This handy guide to some of the best upcoming drone and quadcopter events in the UK should give you some idea of where to start, if you are new to the scene – and where your next big date falls, if you are already a bit of an expert.

Bring Your Own Drone Networking Event – 18th September 2015

This friendly and informal networking event is designed to build on the work of the Project Daedalus Toolkit (an online platform which merges drone technology and art). It will gather together scholars, artists, tech specialists, and enthusiasts, in order to bring together hobbyists with the people who design and develop this tiny machines. There will be a number of guest speakers, an opportunity for networking, and a chance to take your drone to the skies in the wonderful Grizedale Forest.

Location: Grizedale, Cumbria

Drone Hack 2.0 – 19th September 2015

Now, a drone event for the real tech obsessives. On 19th of September, the University of Central Lancashire Civic Drone Centre is holding its second hackathon. It is inviting keen flying and engineering enthusiasts to create a UAV which could be utilized in a disaster zone. They will be provided with all of the materials needed to do this – including state of the art 3D printers – as well as the help and expertise of an in house team of coders and UVA pilots. At the end of the day, all of the UAVs created will square off in competition for the Golden Drone prize.

Location: University of Central Lancashire, Preston

Hot Topic Seminar: Drones and Modern Warfare – 25th November 2015

This is a key event for anybody who is interested in the military use of drones. The seminar will feature guest appearances from speakers Dr. Peter Lee and Chris Woods. The latter is a widely published investigative journalist, known for his exploration of covert drone strikes and their consequences. The two speakers will, together, address some of the moral and political issues provoked by UK drone operations over the last five years. This is a serious and sensitive event, but one which promises that you will leave feeling a little more insightful.

Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire

Dronetech Mixer: Networking for UAV and Aerial Photography Fans – 26th November 2015

This dronetech mixer is a relaxed and informal meeting of UAV/drone specialists and tech experts, end users, and aerial photography enthusiasts. It is also a good opportunity for business owners to learn a little more about how drones could change the future of commerce and delivery. This is a very casual event, so there is no obligation to take part in anything specific – just enjoy the food and drink and get chatting about the next big step for drones.

Location: Harbourside, Bristol

UK Drone Show 2015 – 5th December 2015

This will be the first ever major consumer drone event to take place in the UK, so if you are crazy about quadcopters, do not miss out on this one. It will be held at the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, and will showcase the latest in aerial and terrestrial done technologies. There will be flying and manufacturing demonstrations, as well as a number of talks on drone safety, drone regulations, and drone development. It is hoped that this will be the first of many, so get yourself down to the first event to experience a little bit of history in the making.

Location: Birmingham, West Midlands

Exciting Rowing Events Coming up in the UK

rowing-events-ukThere are various types of rowing events held in the UK in many locations. As rowing is an easily accessible sport, it’s popular with almost everyone. Smaller events are often held locally in most towns.

Generally, rowing events take place on the water. They are typically held at scenic venues which attract many spectators Rowing events also take place at social gatherings which include music and refreshments. Some of the more prestigious events such as Henly’s Royal Regatta and Cowes week are also opportunities for members of high society to dress up and enjoy a day at the water’s edge, showcasing their boats and socializing.

Many people are attracted to rowing as it is accessible to everyone regardless of age, weight, sex or disability. Many events contain different categories to accommodate different competitors. Entry requirements can vary according to each event and more information can often be found on each organization’s website. Different types of events include:

Indoor Rowing Events

Large Indoor Rowing competitions are divided into groups relating to age, weight and sex. They are normally open to all ages starting from early teens up to the elderly. Indoor rowing is an ideal way to compensate for the bad winter weather and enables the sport to continue all year round.

The British Indoor Rowing Championships is one of the biggest events held throughout the year, regularly attracting over 3000 competitors. The University Indoor Rowing Series has also become a popular national tournament for students to enter. The event occurs December 12, 2015 at the Walton SBH British Rowing Indoor Championships in Lee Valley Velopark. If you want to practice then it’s recommended to purchase your own rowing machine, read reviews first to find the best one.

Championship Events

Every year the British Rowing Championships consider this a major event for rowing clubs and schools. There are events held for open, women, open junior, women’s junior, under 23, lightweight, adaptive and coastal boats. Other rowing championships are held on a more local level, and are sometimes run as qualifiers for the main championship event. Championship events include:

The Worchester Autumn North of England Sprint Championships in the Port of Bideford on September 5, 2015.

The South Coast Championships at Wimbleball Lake from September 12 to September 13 this year.

The British Rowing Senior Championships from October 17 to 18 this year.
The British Rowing Masters Championships from June 11 to June 12, 2016.


Regattas are held throughout the country and feature a different range of boat races, including rowing. Although they are amateur competitions they are normally well organized, popular events that bring a party atmosphere to the town in which they are held. Many local people will take the opportunity to showcase their boats and come out to enjoy the day. The Henly Royal Regatta is one of the largest and most popular regattas that are held throughout the year, although many seaside towns hold a regatta of their own most years. The regatta events include:

The GW Regatta on September 12, 2015 at Coate Water.
The Henly Royal Regatta on June 24, 2016.
Cowes Regatta on August 1, 2016.

The Darmouth Regatta on August 22, 2016
The BUCS Regatta at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottinghamshire on April 30 to May 2, 2016.

University Rowing

As the largest sport within BUCS there are plenty of rowing events held throughout the year which are hosted by various universities. The BUCS rowing event calendar begins in November and is launched by the Small Boats head in November. The British university team also compete internationally at the European Universities Championship. University rowing events include:

The Indoor Rowing Championship from October 31 to November 22, 2015.
The Small Boats Head on November 1 in Boston RC, Lincolnshire.

BUCS 4s and 8s Head from February 20 to February 21, 2016.

The Boat Race

The most famous rowing event during the year is the boat race held between Oxford and Cambridge University along the river Thames. The four and a half mile race goes from Putney to Mortlake and draws crowds from all over London. Many people also watch this event on television as it is a popular part of British culture. The race occurs on March 27, 2016.

As rowing is so varied and made up of different types of clubs, you’ll need to conduct research into your area to see what is available locally. Chances are, if you live near a river or the sea there is a club or association that members can join to either compete or attend events. Some cities have clubs for men, women, and children. In every event, participants have a variety of rowing boats to choose from. Rowing is among the most exciting sports the U.K. has to offer.

Popular Supper Clubs And Pop Ups To Tingle Your Taste Buds


With cross pollination of culture, people are looking out for new food and beverages and this is one of the reasons for Supper clubs and Pop ups rising in the cities. New recipes can be discovered in these events that normal restaurants and hangouts may not be able to provide. Some of the best supper clubs and pop ups are listed that can keep your taste buds busy for the coming weeks. Chocolate Supper Club is for chocolate buffs. York Cocoa House is a supper club that offers chocolate meals. There are loads of chocolate starters to tingle your taste buds. You can try the chocolate stout beef pie from the main course. The dessert section is filled with chocolate delights. There is chocolate wine to accompany your food.  


Vegan Food and Beer Tasting is a Mexican delight from Club Mexicana. The food is complemented by brewery beer. Some of the must-try dishes include Carnitas, Drunken Black Beams and more. Riverford Secret Supper Club as the name goes the menu is absolutely secret here. Some of the secret items on the menu last month include grilled baby gem, roasted pardons, carrot fillers served with yoghurt and mint dressing, Caesar dressing, rhubarb cake served with lavender cream and more mouth-watering dishes.

Rebellious is a place where you can find on the menu dishes that are named after the greatest rebels in the history. A few to name includes, Marie Antoinette, a champagne cocktail of lemon thyme, Mahatma Gandhi starter, William Wallace for main, Martin Luther King for BBQ and many more. The event to watch out for food lovers is the Birmingham Independent Food Fair. You can find some exotic food and finest brews here and adding to the excitement is the live music. London Pizza festival is especially for pizza lovers with top pizza artisans fighting for a vote in the Pizza competition. If you love Chinese check out the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

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The Best UK Drinks Event You Must Not Miss


Alcoholic beverages are part of entertainment plans during the weekend or when you want to relax. There are many drinks events that happen around the UK and there is an endless choice that can soothe your nerves ranging from whisky, wines and a variety of cocktails. Try the wide collection of alcoholic beverages on the rooftop. Start the evening with Welcome Bulliet Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktail enjoying the view of London. Some of the varieties offered include Rittenhouse Rye, Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey and more. Wine lovers should not miss the World of Wine tasting day. The event is all about wine tasting and learning. It could be fun and entertaining. World of Wine notebook is also given to participants.


A wine tasting event allows you to enjoy fine wine. The programme allows you to taste organic wines of eight varieties. You can learn more about wine in a dramatic environment. Scotland is the land of some of the finest beverages. The Ooshka festival is all about the production of spirits in Scotland where tasting and workshops are conducted to educate participants on making of spirits.

Moreover, five samples can be collected from the exhibitors. There is a local cafe where food is available. Cheese and Cider project gives you an opportunity to taste award winning cider that is made from thrown away fruits. The cider is complemented with some tasty cheese that can leave you wanting more.  Ice Cream Banquet can teach you what goes best with ice cream. The Comfort Emporium creates six course banquets on ice cream and this is accompanied by wine, beer and cocktails.

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How Arts, Crafts And Hobbies Can Make A World Of Difference?


Get busy with loads of arts and crafts and a variety of hobbies. Get busy with exhibitions, comic cons, air shows and more. Get a glimpse of the culture of the city at the Shoreditch venue. There are free workshops for kids and adults. There is snack also available along with some live music that makes it interesting.

Bristol Mini Maker Faire is a family-friend affair that can give your creativity a platform to display. It is all about entertainment, fun and information. At Film & Comic Con Glasgow, you get a chance to get autographs from celebrities. Ocean Film Festival world tour gives you an opportunity to experience the ocean wealth without actually venturing into the ocean from the film documentaries that gives a rich experience of ocean life.


At Designersblock find endless designs that are presented by freelance designers and companies. Find designs in jewellery, concepts, ceramic and more. The event happens at the landmark OXO tower. The entrance is free for the event. The Great Yorkshire Air Show is for plane lovers. Watch out for some breathtaking aerobatics with aircrafts like Mustang, Harvard, Vampire, Vulcan and more.

If you thought the event is all about plane just read further, you have food for the palette at the food village and there is a vintage fair as well that can keep your family amused the whole day. The event happens at the Leeds East Airport. Play Expo is the biggest video gaming event in Manchester. There are over new generation 100 gaming consoles that leave you amused.

Leeds Craft Hack is a free event that matches with the latest exhibition at the City Museum in Leeds. Get a chance to interact with digital artists and create your own crafts through digital processes. Even if you are new to the world of art and designing try this place and you will learn the trick of the trade. Made in London is a show for designers in Europe. Get an opportunity to view the best of contemporary craft and design.

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9 UK Food Festivals That Can Excite Your Palate

food event

Food festivals in the UK are all about food and fun. A variety of delicacies are displayed that are handpicked to treat the visitors.

Clitheroe food festival is famous and the entry is free. Here you can find Lancashire and Ribble Valley producers that are the centre of attraction. The town centre is not available for motorist during the event and all age group enjoy the event. Cookery demos are also conducted for a fee and tutored tasting is also available for guests. Find a variety of sausages that are prepared in a lavish way. The Drunken Butchers offer huge quantity so no one leaves hungry. The ticket also covers the food.

Liverpool food festival is a non-profit festival that promotes businesses in Liverpool. The festival happens at the Baltic Triangle. Find a dozen restaurants, five bars with DJ entertainment taking the centre stage for the event.

The Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival is an annual event that happens every Easter that brings together local restaurants, food retailers, bars and producers. Get some interesting street food every last Friday of the month. Enjoy music and bar at the East India Square. Get the opportunity to enjoy some free samples from the local producers. The favourites include sugar free chocolates, savoury snacks and gluten free sweets.

The festival gets bigger every time with expanding space, chefs from across the region and local producers. Enjoy street demos on food and beverage. Burn your tongue at the Chilli competition that is organised by Clifton Chilli Club. There are more than 30 chilli stalls that allow you test hottest chillies. Enjoy the street food from the urban London. Find 15 Street Truck that gives you a taste of urban London. The carts change weekly. This gives you an opportunity to try a new food every time. Not just food, also find a wide range of beers.